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Q. My daughters common law husband passed away in oklahoma. All vehicles were in his name. What do we do?
A: Your son-in-law's estate should be admitted to probate. If he died without a will, then your daughter, as his husband is entitled to Letters of Administration which will be allow her to settle the estate and clear title to the vehicles.
Q. How can I establish that I am an heir to and establish title to real estate left by deceased father in McCurtain, OK?
A: The key issue is whether your father died with or without a will. If he died with a will, then find a copy and petition the court to admit the will to probate. If he did not have a will, then you can petition the court to be appointed as Administrator of the Estate. As a child, you are entitled to Letters of Administration. Your siblings, if you have any, may object, but this is how you get it started. Once there is an inventory and distribution of property, then you will have a clear title in order to decide what to do with the real property. Keep in mind, that if you have siblings, then you each will likely be owners of the real property.

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Q. I used a Rx cream and I had a very bad reaction after I only used it one time. What am I supposed to do now?
A: This response is general and not specific to any jurisdiction. If you seek state-specific law, contact an attorney licensed in your state.

First, document the reaction. Certainly take pictures. You should also make an appointment with your doctor just to make sure that no other reactions are taking place that you may not be able to see. Also, your doctor may know of other cases involving this same cream which will give you more information on whether you potentially have a products liability claim. Notify the manufacturer of your recation. A manufacturer needs this type of feedback to be able to determine if there is an issue with a product.

Keep in mind that a products liability claim requires a defective product. Often times, simple allergic reactions, while not simple to you or anyone else who has them, do not necessarily mean the product was defective.

Also, notify the pharmacy where you fill the prescription. The pharmacist can be a good source of information as well.
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